'Tantrika Karmams' performed as per 'Ganapathi Upasana Kramam'

Installation of idols in temples, especially Lord Ayyappan Temples.

Temple Vaastu and `Plan' according to Vaastu.

Temple Kanakku (Architectural calculations in accordance with religious calculations).

Calculations relating to the size of the idol conforming to the temple layout, size and orientation.


Drawing up of horoscopes.

Examination of horoscopes.

Jathaka Porutham - Matching of horoscopes for matrimonial purposes etc.

Finding out auspicious dates and time for important functions like Marriage, Gruha Pravesham, Bhoomi Pooja etc.

Prasna Chintha

Analysing  'unfavourable' influences reflected in  horoscopes and arriving at  `Neutralising' or `Alleviatory'  measures to curb these influences.

Measures such as performing poojas, homams, rituals to overcome these.

Performance of Many Types of Poojas

Maha Ganapthi Homam

Navagruha Preethi -  Pooja and Homam.

Prasidha Ganapathi Homam

Bhagaya Sooktha - Eikyamatha Pooja and Homam

Dhana Vardhaka Lakshmi Homam

Aghora Pooja and Homam

Ayyappa Pooja (Sastra Pooja)

Maha Nivedyam

Mruthunjayana Homam

Ganesha Ikyamathya Pooja

Dhanawanthari Homam

Yantra Raksha Karmam and many other specialised poojas

Composer of Many Lyrics which have been re-produced as Audio Cassettes and CDs

Ayyappa Suprabhatam

Ayyappa Bhakti Ganangal

Devi Bhakthi Ganangal

Siva Bhakti Ganangal

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